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The Supply Chain Resilience (SCR) platform
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The work of updating the platform is being implemented with the aim of improving supply chain performance and promoting cooperation between European companies. We are currently conducting a survey in which we invite companies to participate in order to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and contribute more effectively to assistance and the transition to the V2 period. Our goal is to strengthen supply chains and promote interaction between international suppliers and buyers of goods/services. Currently, about 1,000 users are actively participating in the platform, while another 200 have temporarily suspended their activities. We have over 400 business listings with a wide selection of goods and services. Future plans include developing cooperation with partners from different countries, organizing thematic meetings with sectoral and thematic groups to strengthen cooperation and share specific knowledge. In addition, it is planned to invite new companies from Ukraine and encourage the participation of non-European companies on the platform.

In response to a dynamic economic environment, the EU is seeking to strengthen its strategic autonomy and monitor supply chain disruptions for timely action.

Help us better understand economic challenges by answering a short survey on supply chain disruptions. It will only take a few minutes, but your opinion will be invaluable for a stronger European economy.


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Ukraine 215
Italy 105
Lithuania 97
Germany 85
Poland 83
Spain 45
Romania 42
Latvia 33
Portugal 29
Hungary 26
Taiwan 26
France 26
Greece 21
Belgium 19
Serbia 19
Netherlands 18
Croatia 16
Malta 16
Estonia 15
Finland 12
Austria 9
Cyprus 8
Switzerland 8
Denmark 8
Bulgaria 7
Slovakia 7
Slovenia 5
United Kingdom 3
Egypt 3
China 3
Czech Republic 3
Ireland 3
Bosnia And Herzegovina 2
India 2
North Macedonia 2
United States 1
Panama 1
Moldova, Republic Of 1
Peru 1
Sweden 1
Iraq 1
Türkiye 1
Japan 1
Venezuela 1
Viet Nam 1
Total 1031
Manufacturer 479
Service provider (design, engineering, IT) 119
Other 88
Distributor, Wholesaler, Importer 87
Supplier, sub-contractor 78
Agency, Association 75
Consulting (business, tax, legal) 45
Academia, R&D institution 31
Government, Authority 19
Investor & Financial services 2
Total 1023
Profile views
Total 33495