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The Supply Chain Resilience (SCR) platform
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The Supply Chain Resilience platform

powered by the Enterprise Europe Network in collaboration with the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, with the support of the European Commission and EISMEA

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Europe is facing a number of economic, environmental and social challenges, most notably the crisis in Ukraine, with businesses severely affected by supply chain disruptions. To address these challenges, the European Union (EU) has launched new measures to strengthen the resilience of the Single Market and build a sustainable, digital and globally competitive economy. 

Enhancing the ability of entrepreneurs, businesses and societies to bounce back from crises is crucial for Europe's rapid recovery and future success. Yet, restarting the economy after a pandemic and a recession is not an easy task. Such changes require immediate action and joint efforts across all levels and stakeholders.

The Enterprise Europe Network and EU clusters play an essential role in mitigating vulnerabilities in international supply chains. To address these pressing issues, the Network has established a Supply Chain Resilience platform. This helps companies retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains, as well as source raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services they need to keep production going.

Main goals

  • Publish offers for raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services;
  • Promote requests from European companies to sustain their supply chains;
  • Match international suppliers with buyers of goods and services;
  • Establish cross-border contacts between businesses, industries, support organisations, academia, important stakeholders and key decision-makers.

Key topics

The platform focuses on the following sectors:

  • Agri-Food
  • Construction
  • Digital
  • Electronics
  • Energy-Intensive Industries
  • Health
  • Mobility, Transport, Automotive
  • Raw materials
  • Renewable energy
  • Textile

Why should you join this platform?

  • Connect with the international business community, find new partners for collaboration, and identify potential suppliers or buyers;
  • Showcase your most successful projects, innovative products, and cutting-edge technologies;
  • Join the debate and share insights on solutions and initiatives to address vulnerabilities in international supply chains.

All business profiles are validated by official Enterprise Europe Network partners to facilitate safe and reliable interactions between businesses.

EU companies interested in helping Ukrainian companies overcome chain disruptions are welcome to do so by simply filtering participating companies by country. Find out more about how the EU, Enterprise Europe Network and individual EU Member States support Ukrainian citizens and companies.

Every client must have at least one profile and a maximum of three profiles!

This platform complements two other European Commission-supported business matchmaking platforms that are helping address the disruption caused by the war and that can be useful for your business: EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes Business Matchmaking Platform and the EU Clusters Support Ukraine forum.

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